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A Bowl of Mater’s

I was going to title this post “A Bowl of Mater’s ‘Maters” but I thought it’d be a bit much. Anyway, as hot as it’s been lately here in Virginia, Mater has been producing around 4 to 6 red almost ripe tomatoes a day for the past couple days. I’ve been picking them before they’re completely ripe as I don’t want the birds getting them.

Here’s a few photos of the little but delicious, so I’m told, maters.

There’s at least 6 more that’ll be ready to pick tomorrow.

Guess I’ll eat me a salad soon. ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

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Mater and a Storm’s Brewing

Summertime is pop-up storm season here in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I went out onto our little deck/balcony to check on Mater the tomato plant and saw that a storm was brewing. I caught a bit of it in the background of this photo of Mater. (If you want to find out more about Mater you can check out this previous post. You can also check the tag: tomato plant to see all of the parts about Mater.)

Tomatoes are ripening.

The tomato plant is loaded with tomatoes. We’ve already picked 3 ripe ones. They are rather small though and I’m slightly disappointed at that fact. I’ll never grow that variety again. Here’s another photo that’s a close-up of a couple that are going to get picked.

The tomatoes are smaller than a tennis ball but bigger than a golf ball, sort of in between the two. I reckon they’ll make good salad tomatoes.

Here’s a few pictures of the storm clouds that I snapped while I was outside.

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Mater is getting huge!

I went out on the balcony to water Mater and it seems it’s grown overnight. It’s full of tomatoes now and they are getting bigger too.

Hopefully soon we’ll be able to start picking them.

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26 Tomatoes and Counting

I went out this morning to water ‘Mater and decided to count the tomatoes. There are 26 and loads of flowers yet.

‘Mater sure has grown. It’s coming out of the top of the tomato cage.

I have a feeling that this one plant is going to produce many delicious tomatoes for us.

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‘Mater has ‘Maters

The tomato plant that I’ve been growing on our little balcony has blossoms everywhere and 3 little tomatoes ๐Ÿ….

Here’s a few more photos.

We’ve been getting alot of rain the last few days and it’s been quite warm and humid. I’m wondering how tall ‘Mater is going to get?

Thanks for looking!

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My Monsterra and ‘Mater

I bought a Monsterra plant awhile ago and it has grown a new leaf since I brought it home. It gets indirect morning sun and then light all day. I keep it in front of my window and move it over to a table at night.

Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home.

Here’s a photo of the new leaf. It’s the brighter green one on the left with the longer slits in the leaf. One slit almost reaches the edge of the leaf. I’m quite pleased with it’s growth. It seems to be happy.

My daughter loves tomatoes and while at the local farmer’s market a few weeks ago I bought a Rutger tomato plant. Here’s a photo of it after I brought it home.

I went to the local home center and bought a new pot, tomato cage and potting soil and repotted it. I removed the lower branches and potted it deep water loosening up the roots a bit. Here’s what it looks like after 2 days in it’s new pot and a good rainstorm.

I’ve named it ‘Mater ๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿ…

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