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Shop Advertisement Idea?

I have been wanting to be able to advertise my shop in other places than the blogging world and the internet. Yesterday an idea struck, why not design a transparent sticker to go on my car? I wanted something colorful but wanted it to also look good on my red car. After playing around in Procreate with a design idea I ended up with this.

It’s a transparent sticker which I’ll be placing on my rear windshield. I ordered one for my youngest daughter too, she loves the Hibiscus flowers, which I had originally designed for her. I think the flowers will stand out and the red lettering will go nicely with my car’s red color. While looking through the available products in this design I also listed this T-shirt, which I’ll be ordering soon.

I love the white shirt but I think I’ll order it in the light blue color and get the design printed on the back.

Then there’s also this racerback top which I will probably order first, seeing that it’s springtime.

There’s other products with this design on them as well as loads of other original designs in my shop.

Why not take a look? You might just find your next great gift.

Thanks for looking!

NEW Products

NEW Abstract and Floral Designs!

I’ve added 1 floral and 6 new abstract designs to my shop. Here are some examples of the products you can find with these original designs.

Each of the above designs are available on lots of different products, such as phone cases, laptop sleeves, wall art, clothing and more.

Why not check out my shop? CLICK HERE. You just might find your next favorite thing.

Thanks for looking!

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NEW in SHOP- Sticker and Magnet Packs

I have added sticker and magnet packs to my shop. They feature my original designs in groups of 4 or more. It’s cheaper to buy the packs than the individual stickers or magnets, so if you like my designs check them out. They make a great gift!

Thanks for looking!

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Digger the Dragon and Dragon Valley

I love dragons, don’t you? When I worked with polymer clay years ago I used to sculpt dragons. I drew this dragon while thinking of my sculptures. His name is Digger and he’s found a valley that might just be his new home. Digger is sitting on a rock overhang, happily watching the sun rise.

This design, as well as Digger himself, is available in my shop on a variety of products.

Thanks for looking!

Storewide SALE

Magic 15% Off SALE!!

RedBubble is having a 15% OFF sitewide sale thru March 25. Enter code MAGIC15

Just click on my banner below to check out my Shop there and take advantage of this 15% OFF SALE.

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NEW Hibiscus Floral Pattern in Shop

This Hibiscus Floral Pattern is a remix of a previous pattern that I had painted. This pattern is available in a wide variety of products in my shop, any of which would make a great gift. Here are just a few of them:

Laptop Sleeve
A-Line Dress

Thanks for looking!

NEW Products

Denver the Dog- NEW Items in My Shop!

I drew the cutest little pup and added it to my shop. There are loads of different items that you can order with Denver on it. Here are just a few:

Denver the Dog Throw Pillow
Baby One Piece
Fitted 3 layer Mask
Kids Mask

Would’t these make great gifts? Check out all the Denver the Dog products and many more unique designs available in my shop.

Thanks for looking!!!

NEW Products

NEW Shop for My Artwork

I opened a shop on Red Bubble, StormyDzines, where you can buy loads of products with my artwork on it. 😊 There’s T-shirts, tote bags, coasters, prints and loads more. Lots of great gift ideas! Please share this with your friends. 😉

Here’s just a few samples of what you can find: