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Update on Newest Monsterra Leaf

I had written about the newest Monsterra leaf in a previous post, and it is now fully open. Here is a close-up photo of the newest leaf.

The two behind it are the previous new leaves. Here’s a couple photos of the plant.

I moved everything around in the room so that the plant could get more light. It’s growing nicely and hopefully will grow some more leaves soon.

If you’d like to read all about my Monsterra you can catch up on all the posts about it HERE.

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Monsterra Leaf Update

The newest leaf, which I wrote about in this post, has started to uncurl. The previous leaf is standing tall above the newest one in these photos.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any more developing leaves. I’m anxious to see how big this thing is gonna get.

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Monsterra Update

I have been gone for a few days, dog sitting for my youngest while they were on vacation, and was surprised at the changes in my Monsterra while I was gone. Big changes since my last update.

The partially opened leaf was fully open and the newest developing leaf had really grown. Here’s a photo of the new fully open leaf.

Here’s a close-up of the developing leaf.

This next photo is the new leaf on left and developing leaf on the right.

The next photo shows the underside of the new leaf at the top right and the developing leaf top middle.

I’ve never had a plant that grew leaves as fast as this Monsterra does and I love watching it grow.

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Monsterra leaf progress

The newest leaf is partially uncurled and the next new leaf is spiking up. Big difference since my previous post about it. Here’s a close-up of the leaf. It has a brown mark on it which you can see in the photo. I’ll have to do some research to see what caused it.

Here’s a photo of the newest developing leaf.

It’s the Spike in the center

Another photo of the new leaves.

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Monsterra has 3rd New Leaf

This Monsterra is really growing. There’s a new leaf opening up and it’s the 3rd new leaf since I bought it. See previous posts about this wild plant of mine HERE.

Here is a photo of the new leaf.

Next is a photo showing the 3 leaves with fenestrations and the new leaf, which will have fenestrations. The tall middle leaf was the only one that had fenestrations on it. The ones on either side of it are the first and second new leaves.

Last is a photo of the whole plant. Yes, I love the beach and sea creatures.

Thanks for looking! Until next time, stay safe!

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Monsterra Update

My Monsterra is growing nicely. The newest leaf had gotten big, almost as big as the previous leaf.

Here’s the newest leaf.

I’ve moved the Monsterra onto my chest of drawers so that I don’t have to move it everyday. It seems to be happy there. I’m watering it every 10 or 12 days and using very diluted fertilizer in the water, letting it run through and then I mist it and let it drain well before putting the pot inside the outer pot. I’ll probably need to re-pot it soon, as there are roots starting to come out of the bottom of the pot.

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Monsterra 2nd Leaf Open

When I woke up this morning I noticed that the new leaf had opened quite a bit overnight on my Monsterra plant.

See previous post for what it looked like yesterday.

It was so cloudy this morning that I put it under a grow light for half the day. Then the sun came out and I put it back in the window.

Here’s a close up of the leaf. It has just a bit of curl to it yet. That’ll finish opening in a day.

Thanks for looking!

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Update on Monsterra Leaf Development

As I wrote in a previous post, my Monsterra plant has developed a new leaf. Here is what it looks like today.

You can see the fenestrations, the slits and holes, as the leaf is uncurling.

It should be fully open in a few more days. The plant sure is growing.

Big leaf is the first new leaf.

Thanks for looking!

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Another Monsterra Leaf

My Monsterra plant seems to be quite happy. It sits in my window all day and gets good light. It’s growing another new leaf. 😁 I’ve circled it in this picture:

If you open the photo up to full size you can see how the leaf is rolled up. This one looks like it may have holes as the other one did. It’s shown in the photo below:

The Monsterra plant is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant. Fun fact 😉

Thanks for looking!

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My Monsterra and ‘Mater

I bought a Monsterra plant awhile ago and it has grown a new leaf since I brought it home. It gets indirect morning sun and then light all day. I keep it in front of my window and move it over to a table at night.

Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home.

Here’s a photo of the new leaf. It’s the brighter green one on the left with the longer slits in the leaf. One slit almost reaches the edge of the leaf. I’m quite pleased with it’s growth. It seems to be happy.

My daughter loves tomatoes and while at the local farmer’s market a few weeks ago I bought a Rutger tomato plant. Here’s a photo of it after I brought it home.

I went to the local home center and bought a new pot, tomato cage and potting soil and repotted it. I removed the lower branches and potted it deep water loosening up the roots a bit. Here’s what it looks like after 2 days in it’s new pot and a good rainstorm.

I’ve named it ‘Mater 🤣 🍅

Thanks for looking!