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Mater has blossoms!

If you follow my blog you’ll remember the tomato plant that I bought for my daughter that I named ‘Mater. Well, it seems to love the sunny spot on our balcony. It has grown seemingly overnight and now has blossoms.

You have to zoom in on the photo to see them. Near the top of the plant.

Thanks for looking!

Digital Photography

Wildlife at the Lake

I drove out to the nearby lake today, the sky was so dreary, but the wildlife didn’t seem to mind. When I first pulled around to the parking area there was a Canadian goose, taking a rest on the sidewalk. ❤️

Of course, as soon as I stopped the car and rolled down the window it got up and strolled away…..

It began to look for a snack.

After I parked and caught a few mons at the gyms there, hey, I’ll admit, I play Pokemon Go 😎, I caught this gorgeous bluebird sitting on the sign, flying down to catch bugs in the grass. Of course he flew right down in front of my car and I couldn’t get a good shot of his brilliant blue feathers.. Sign sitting is all I could get. 🙄

Then on the way home I snapped a photo of this huge boulder near home.

Well, off to draw. I’m working on several projects, one is a landscape and the other, something mythical………

Thanks for looking! 🌸