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NEW in SHOP- Sticker and Magnet Packs

I have added sticker and magnet packs to my shop. They feature my original designs in groups of 4 or more. It’s cheaper to buy the packs than the individual stickers or magnets, so if you like my designs check them out. They make a great gift!

Thanks for looking!

Digital art

Abstract Owl

I started playing around with a background and ended up drawing shapes in different colors. What I ended up with resembles an owl, at least it does to me. Can you see it? Look closely…..

Drawn in Procreate 5 with Apple pencil and Pen Tips.

Thanks for looking!!

Oh, BTW I made a seamless tile from this image. It’s up on my seamless tile page.

Digital art

Little Owl

I was fooling around today in Procreate, trying to think of something to draw. I looked over to my dresser and saw this cute little box with an owl on it that I’ve been keeping odd pieces of jewelry in. I was inspired! I decided to draw an owl. 🦉 I spent several hours on it, did a rough sketch then a polished up sketch and then started all the layers and shading. I ran out of layers a couple times and had to combine them. 🙄 This little owl looks nothing like the one that inspired it. I’m quite pleased with him.😊 Click on the photo to view a larger size.

Thanks for looking!