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Bountiful Blossoms Design

I was playing around with a bunch of different brushes this evening and came up with this design, which I’ve named Bountiful Blossoms. Check out the slideshow below.

If you like this design you can view the entire line HERE.

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2 NEW Floral Designs

I had been in a slump and hadn’t created much. I did, however, create 2 new floral designs and added them to my shop.

The first is called Flower Power. Click to see entire line in this design.

The next design can be seen HERE and is called Pot of Flowers.

Thanks for looking!

Digital art · NEW Products

Granddaughter’s Portrait and Daisy Explosion

If you’ve been wondering how I’m doing on the portrait of my granddaughter here it is after working on it some today.

I’m still not done with it, more shading to do and highlights. I have 3hrs 45 min of work involved and have made 5995 brushstrokes so far. I’m doing the best that I can, considering this is only my 3rd human portrait. Before I bought my iPad 2 months ago I could only draw stick people LOL.

This afternoon I drew a few Daisy type flowers and made it into a pattern for my shop. I have named it Daisy Explosion and you’ll find the entire line of products in this design HERE.
Here’s a few of my favorites in this design.

Thanks for looking!

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NEW Artwork and Products

I have added several new designs to my shop. One is a mashup of a painting from a few days ago, Moonlit Lake. I decided that the painting needed something else, so I added a dock and a person fishing in a boat.

Then I painted this log cabin scene which is a mashup of my Dragon Valley and Ivy Creek Cabin.

I almost forgot, yesterday I painted this, which I’ve called Blossom Trellis.

All of these designs are available on lots of products in my shop.

Just a reminder, all of my shower curtains are on sale through April 25 and these new designs are available on shower curtains.

Thanks for looking!

NEW Products

NEW Hibiscus Floral Pattern in Shop

This Hibiscus Floral Pattern is a remix of a previous pattern that I had painted. This pattern is available in a wide variety of products in my shop, any of which would make a great gift. Here are just a few of them:

Laptop Sleeve
A-Line Dress

Thanks for looking!