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Canadian Goose at the Lake

I love driving out to the lake and taking photos. The other day I took some photos of a Canadian goose that was resting on the sidewalk when I got there. I used one of the photos of the goose for reference and painted a lake scene with the goose at the lake shore.

I uploaded the photo to my shop. Here are a few of the products with this design, there’s lots more in my shop.

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NEW Products

NEW Products in my Shop!

It’s Springtime and the weather here is fantastic. Trees are blooming everywhere and babies are being born. I’ve added a couple of new designs to my shop recently. Here are just a few baby onesies that I thought were adorable.

There’s loads more in my SHOP. <—– Click that to go to my shop page with short sleeved baby onsies.

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NEW Products

NEW Items In Shop!

I added a new beach design in my shop and it’s available on loads of items. This throw pillow is just one of the great gifts that you can find there.

There’s also coasters, tote bags and other great products.

Why not pop on over and take a look at all of the gift ideas? Just click on the image below or any above to get there. 😊

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NEW Products

Gifts For All Ages

I’ve opened a shop. There are gifts for all ages. Here’s just a sample of what you might find.

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