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Canadian Goose at the Lake

I love driving out to the lake and taking photos. The other day I took some photos of a Canadian goose that was resting on the sidewalk when I got there. I used one of the photos of the goose for reference and painted a lake scene with the goose at the lake shore.

I uploaded the photo to my shop. Here are a few of the products with this design, there’s lots more in my shop.

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Wildlife at the Lake

I drove out to the nearby lake today, the sky was so dreary, but the wildlife didn’t seem to mind. When I first pulled around to the parking area there was a Canadian goose, taking a rest on the sidewalk. ❤️

Of course, as soon as I stopped the car and rolled down the window it got up and strolled away…..

It began to look for a snack.

After I parked and caught a few mons at the gyms there, hey, I’ll admit, I play Pokemon Go 😎, I caught this gorgeous bluebird sitting on the sign, flying down to catch bugs in the grass. Of course he flew right down in front of my car and I couldn’t get a good shot of his brilliant blue feathers.. Sign sitting is all I could get. 🙄

Then on the way home I snapped a photo of this huge boulder near home.

Well, off to draw. I’m working on several projects, one is a landscape and the other, something mythical………

Thanks for looking! 🌸

Digital art

Little Owl

I was fooling around today in Procreate, trying to think of something to draw. I looked over to my dresser and saw this cute little box with an owl on it that I’ve been keeping odd pieces of jewelry in. I was inspired! I decided to draw an owl. 🦉 I spent several hours on it, did a rough sketch then a polished up sketch and then started all the layers and shading. I ran out of layers a couple times and had to combine them. 🙄 This little owl looks nothing like the one that inspired it. I’m quite pleased with him.😊 Click on the photo to view a larger size.

Thanks for looking!