Digital art

Butterfly tutorial results

I followed along on a tutorial on YouTube by Art With Flo called You Can Draw This Butterfly. I sure learned alot during this video tutorial. Flo explains everything so clearly that it’s easy to follow her tutorials. I’m pleased with the way my butterfly turned out. I imagine I’ll be drawing more butterflies now in different colors. 🦋


Thanks for looking!

Digital art

Beginning Artwork

I thought I’d post my earliest works all in one post. They aren’t that great, but I’ve improved quite a bit in the 2 weeks of using my iPad and the Procreate app to draw. They are in no particular order. You can click on each photo to see it full sized.

My 1st Drawing


Blue Eye
My Grandson\’s dog memorial



Valentine Bear



My 1st Beach landscape


My 2nd beach landscape


My Dog Marty, my 1st dog portrait.

That is everything that I’ve drawn in 2 weeks. They aren’t perfect, I’m just beginning to learn how to draw in the Procreate app. I am catching on quick I think 😉 Thanks for looking!
Digital art

Sunset Landscape

I followed a tutorial on YouTube this evening called Sunset Landscape by Flo of Art With Flo. I just love Flo’s tutorials ❤️ She explains what to do every step of the way and you can pause the video if need be. I’m just 2 weeks into using the Procreate app and my iPad as of tomorrow afternoon. I’m quite pleased with my progress. 😊 Anyway, without further ado, here is my result from Flo’s tutorial.



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