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Monsterra Mash

I was inspired to draw one of my Monsterra leaves and created this design which I called Monsterra Mash. It is available in my shop on 3 other background colors as well as the black design shown below.

The entire Monsterra Mash Black product line can be seen HERE.

Thanks for looking!

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Crixianna Twist Dark

I was listening to my daughter stream on Twitch and drawing at the same time. I call this Crixianna Twist Dark, after her online name Crixianna.

All of the above items and many more are available in my Shop.

Thanks for looking!

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Ladybugs and Daisies

I drew a ladybug and made it into a design with some daisies that I had previously drawn. You can see the line of products in this design HERE.

Thanks for looking! Until next time.

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Symmetry Flower Design

Playing with symmetry, I created this flower, which I turned into two different designs. The first one is the single flower.

This next one is a bunch of the same flower with added details.

Both colorful designs can be found in my shop, where’d you’ll find lots of items.

Thanks for looking!

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Bountiful Blossoms Design

I was playing around with a bunch of different brushes this evening and came up with this design, which I’ve named Bountiful Blossoms. Check out the slideshow below.

If you like this design you can view the entire line HERE.

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NEW Designs in Shop

I have listed 3 new abstract designs in my shop. This first one is my favorite, I’ve called it Dark Liquid Marble Abstract.

The next one I’ve named Dark Liquid Daisies.

This last one I’ve named Liquid Daisies.

Thanks for looking!

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Monsterra Leaves Design

I couldn’t decide what color background to use for this Monsterra leaves design that I drew, so I settled for 3 different colors. Here’s some of the items in that design.

I have lots more NEW designs in my shop. Have a look!

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Dozens of Daisies Design

I drew this design and put it on 2 different colored backgrounds because I couldn’t decide between the 2.

This one is called Dozens of Daisies and can be seen HERE.

This one is on a black background. It’s called Dozens of Daisies Dark.

Thanks for looking!

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2 NEW Floral Designs

I had been in a slump and hadn’t created much. I did, however, create 2 new floral designs and added them to my shop.

The first is called Flower Power. Click to see entire line in this design.

The next design can be seen HERE and is called Pot of Flowers.

Thanks for looking!