A Bowl of Mater’s

I was going to title this post “A Bowl of Mater’s ‘Maters” but I thought it’d be a bit much. Anyway, as hot as it’s been lately here in Virginia, Mater has been producing around 4 to 6 red almost ripe tomatoes a day for the past couple days. I’ve been picking them before they’re… Continue reading A Bowl of Mater’s

Get Dressed Fest Sale

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Monsterra Leaf Update

The newest leaf, which I wrote about in this post, has started to uncurl. The previous leaf is standing tall above the newest one in these photos. So far there doesn’t seem to be any more developing leaves. I’m anxious to see how big this thing is gonna get. Thanks for stopping by my blog.… Continue reading Monsterra Leaf Update

Wow What a Moth!

I was walking the dogs and coming up our stairs this morning, sliding my hand up the wooden banister in case my knee gave away like it does sometimes, and my hand bumped into something soft. It was a moth unlike any I’ve ever seen. Here’s a few more photos. I have no clue what… Continue reading Wow What a Moth!

Monsterra Update

I have been gone for a few days, dog sitting for my youngest while they were on vacation, and was surprised at the changes in my Monsterra while I was gone. Big changes since my last update. The partially opened leaf was fully open and the newest developing leaf had really grown. Here’s a photo… Continue reading Monsterra Update

Monsterra Mash

I was inspired to draw one of my Monsterra leaves and created this design which I called Monsterra Mash. It is available in my shop on 3 other background colors as well as the black design shown below. The entire Monsterra Mash Black product line can be seen HERE. Thanks for looking!

Monsterra leaf progress

The newest leaf is partially uncurled and the next new leaf is spiking up. Big difference since my previous post about it. Here’s a close-up of the leaf. It has a brown mark on it which you can see in the photo. I’ll have to do some research to see what caused it. Here’s a… Continue reading Monsterra leaf progress

Monsterra has a new home

No, I didn’t give it away, I decided that it needed a bigger pot. So, yesterday I went shopping and found a gorgeous new pot. It should suit well for a few years. I bought a bag of orchid mix and a clay drip saucer, which I painted white. I also bought the stand that… Continue reading Monsterra has a new home


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