About Me

Hi! I’m Gail, AKA Stormy. Thanks for stopping by. Want to know more about me? Well here it is.😊

I’m a retired grandmother of 10 and I live in Virginia with my daughter and granddaughter and my Chihuahua, Marty and my granddog Coco. I like to bake and crochet, and draw 😊

I come from an artistic family. My father, who was an award winning professional photographer, taught me how to shade when I was coloring in my coloring books. My grandparents liked to draw and paint. I have drawn for most of my life, nothing special or fantastic, mind you. I just liked to draw. 😊 Years ago (like a dozen or so) I got into designing web banners, shopbanners and such with another graphic program. I quit that when my computer died 🙄

I didn’t get back into creating graphics until recently.

I bought my iPad Air 4 and Apple pencil on February 9, 2021.  I can’t wait to create some more artwork. The Procreate app is SO much fun.

I’ll be posting my artwork as I create them so check back often 😉

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Gail! I enjoy drawing too, but I’m not good at it, still it’s fun to do anyway. Thanks for following me, hope you find some things to enjoy over there in the northland!😁😺


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