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Monsterra has a new home

No, I didn’t give it away, I decided that it needed a bigger pot. So, yesterday I went shopping and found a gorgeous new pot. It should suit well for a few years. I bought a bag of orchid mix and a clay drip saucer, which I painted white. I also bought the stand that it’s on.

I poured about half the bag of (mostly bark) orchid mix into the pot and then poured in some succulent mix and mixed it up a bit. Then I dug a hole big enough for the plant in the middle.

Getting the plant’s roots out of the bottom of the pot was going to be tricky, so I cut down the side of the pot with a pair of scissors and it slid right out. Then I planted it in the hole that I dug and watered it.

Here is my Monsterra in his new pot.

Here is a close-up of the developing leaf. See another leaf coming up in the background?

The gravel on top of the soil mix helps keep it from getting fungus gnats and also helps when I water it that I’m not eroding the soil. I water it about every 10 days normally, I’ll check it in a week and see how it is.

Here’s a photo of the entire plant. It gets light all day and hopefully will be happy in it’s new pot.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time.

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