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I LOVE My New Coffeemaker

Disclaimer: I will be getting a commission for referring sales to Hamilton Beach for any sales made thru this post.

I love a good cup of coffee in the morning and I have cut back to only one 20oz. cup a day. I use a steel cup for this, you’ll see it in the photo below, it keeps my coffee hot for hours. My old coffee pot had a carafe setting but it didn’t brew strong enough for the mocha flavored coffee that I use. I was not a happy camper. I decided to browse our local store to see what was out there that would be better. I found several options but decided on this cute little thing.

It’s a Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ and it makes the best coffee! It’s called ‘The Scoop’ because it comes with a scoop for measuring your coffee at 2 different cup sizes. Then that scoop gets placed inside another filter basket and then you close the lid. The water reservoir has easy to read water levels. I use filtered water and keep it in the fridge so it’s always cold. They say that cold water makes the best coffee.

Here’s a photo ‘The Scoop’ next to the old machine, which was also a Hamilton Beach. What can I say? I love their products 😊

‘The Scoop’ is on the right in this photo:

‘The Scoop’ is almost half the size of my old coffeemaker and brews SO much better coffee in my steel thermos cup, thanks to the Bold brew setting. When it’s done brewing the machine shuts itself off.

It has a metal drip tray which can be removed and turned upside down for a shelf to brew a mug or cup of coffee instead of a carafe or tall thermos type cup. Cleanup is a breeze, just dump the used grounds and rinse the scoop and filter basket clean.
Another feature is the hook on the side of the machine to hang the measuring scoop on to dry. There obviously was alot of thought put into the development of this wonderful little coffee maker. I know I absolutely love it! I’m sure you would too.

Thanks for reading!

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