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Shop Advertisement Idea?

I have been wanting to be able to advertise my shop in other places than the blogging world and the internet. Yesterday an idea struck, why not design a transparent sticker to go on my car? I wanted something colorful but wanted it to also look good on my red car. After playing around in Procreate with a design idea I ended up with this.

It’s a transparent sticker which I’ll be placing on my rear windshield. I ordered one for my youngest daughter too, she loves the Hibiscus flowers, which I had originally designed for her. I think the flowers will stand out and the red lettering will go nicely with my car’s red color. While looking through the available products in this design I also listed this T-shirt, which I’ll be ordering soon.

I love the white shirt but I think I’ll order it in the light blue color and get the design printed on the back.

Then there’s also this racerback top which I will probably order first, seeing that it’s springtime.

There’s other products with this design on them as well as loads of other original designs in my shop.

Why not take a look? You might just find your next great gift.

Thanks for looking!

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